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Being one of the main organs in human body, the brain is made up of billions of nerves that convey information to the rest of the body. The human brain is the central organ of the human nervous system, and together with the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system. For you to enjoy maximum benefit from your brain, there is need to enhance your brain’s function.

Below are the 7 tips to enhance your brain function;

Reading books

Reading books fires up your brain cells to work in your favour thereby enhancing your brain function. Make it a habit and benefit from connecting with the authors – brushing shoulders indirectly with them. Reading books offers you the benefit of activating all major domains of the brain which includes strengthening the brain. This leads to better intentions and imagination.

Through Meditation

Meditation is a practice of being quiet inside you. It enhances your brain function by reorganizing your brain and making better the areas that help you concentrate. Benefits include reduced anxiety and stress and promotion of recalling of things and self-awareness. Meditation will also promote brain cell growth.

You Are What You Eat

As you grow older, your brain tends to deteriorate due to factors within and without your body.  Mind  what you eat to influences your brain function positively. Right diet is paramount to enhance your brain function. From research, some foods boost your brain function by improving your emotional status and suppressing conditions such are depression. These are eggs, nuts, oily fish, just to mention a few.

Get Good Sleep

Quality times in sleep rejuvenates your brain and enhance your brain function. This happens by strengthening connections between communicating nerve cells in the brain. This also forms the basis of learning and memory. A good night sleep allows your brain to process and hold information over a long period of time. Sleep is important for memory consolidation, which plays part in recollection of important cases.

Socializing with Others

Socializing is a must if you have to enhance your brain function! Research shows that interacting with others trains your brain. Social motivation and contact helps to improve memory formation and retrieval. This protects the brain from neurodegenerative diseases. Socially engaging ideas include volunteering for some work in your community, joining a club to able to participate in some games and being in touch with your family and friends.

Physical Exercises

When you exercise, you enhance brain function through formation of new brain cells. Research shows physical exercises upholds cognitive declines associated with the aging process. These physical exercises include, going for a walk, incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and giving up any bad habits like excessive alcohol consumption or tobacco use.

Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill keeps your brain accountable and helps it to continually introduce new challenges. In so doing, you enhance your brain function. Such skills include learning a new language, learning to play a musical instrument or learning a new hobby. They allow you to broaden your thinking and be continually learning something new as you keep growing your skills and achieving much.

You Have All it Takes!

This is easy and double! Practice makes perfect and you have within you all it takes. Embrace these habits and they will become part of you and, work for you.


7 Things to Remember To Improve Your Swing

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Improve your swing so you can enjoy your game of golf! It is important to note that improving your swing needs to be addressed early in your golfing career. This is because it’s believed that strength and conditioning exerts a greater golf swing impact. Generally, it’s all in your ability to apply whatever strength you have in a way that will allow the perfect golf swing to take place and the ball to land on the green.

Below are some things to remember in your effort to improve your swing;

Suitable Club Selection

It is important that you have suitable clubs for a specific purpose. This will allow your strength and power to smoothly be integrated into the swing allowing you to generate the greatest golf swing impact. For instance, playing a strong long drive will take a right golf club selection, strength and right conditioning.

Engage a Golf Pro

Engage a pro to learn a few tips on how to improve your swing. In order to naturally win a simple swing, there is no substitute for correctly taught technique repeated over and over again. Learn how to do it, before you can best apply your physical attributes to your golf swing. Though costly, it will significantly enhance your game.

Quality Instructional Courses

Use this technique to master your game of golf. It is a viable alternative as long as you select a quality instructional course and learn to follow through and practice. Practice makes perfect. These courses will give you an idea of all the necessary ingredients that you must have as part of your golf swing technique.

Relax Your Mind and Body

Let your mind focus sharply on your swing, as your body relaxes and you take deep breath. In learning how to swing, you have to move your body in correlation with your hips, hands, and the midsection of your body as well as your mind. All these parts must be able to move in one motion so that you can execute the right kind of swing.

Be Patient with Yourself

Golf is a game of waiting. If you rush you may not get it right. As a beginner, expect to fail many times before you can perfect the craft. This may take time and lots of practice, but don’t give up. Remember, even the amateurs and professionals have come this far and have just perfected their swing.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice what you have acquired to perfect your swing. This will allow you to condition your body to operate in the required way, thereby assuming the right posture. Your swing will also be enhanced. Failing to practice may lead to you not applying what is required of you and thereby end up in wrong posture issues.

Research and read online

Knowledge is power! Get more information on how to improve your swing from books. Search for books on your subject both at your local stores and online. As you read from different sources and practice what is written therein, you will be powered with so much information and be able to know what is required.

In Conclusion

Take action to master, and it is possible! Just ensure you have those suitable club selections, engage a pro, make use of instructional courses, relax, be patient, practice and read more.

5 Ways To Master The Abundance Mindset

Having an abundant mindset means that you have faith in the total provision of everything you require. It also implies that you and those around you have enough of everything – food, clothing, money and anything you may want. As you become thankful for what you have, more is directed to you. What you are in life is directly proportionate to your thought life. Abundance thoughts are vital to our lives and business without which we lose direction in life.

Below are 5 ways to master the abundance mindset;

Count Your Blessings and List Them One By One

Make a habit of journalizing the good things that have happened in your life on a daily basis. This will allow you to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Ponder over your achievements every day. Before you retire to bed, go through your blessings one by one and feel happy about them. You will be surprised at how fast they will draw in more goodness in your life and business. As a result, abundance will be attracted to you.

Mind What You Say

Speak positive words and you fill your atmosphere with positive energies that lead to positive results. Consciously listen to what you speak and help your mind to weed out all negativity from your words. Abundance mindset can only survive where right words corresponding to your expectations are spoken. Monitor what comes out of your mouth and you will be able to control yourself. See yourself achieving your dreams.

Read Books and Listen to Audios on Abundance Mindset

Information is power! Connect yourself to an abundant mindset by reading what other writers have written. There is plenty of information on abundance and how it can be achieved through practice. Books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki can change the way you think as they accord you opportunity to brush shoulder with great minds. Make reading your lifestyle and see yourself manifesting abundant lifestyle.

Reach Out To Those Who in Need

Don’t be stingy. It sends a signal to everyone around you including yourself that money is, in fact, scarce on you. This does not mean that you give out all that you have accumulated. It means that you should know when to give per time. You should also learn to treat yourself and your friends once in a while. It is true that what goes around come around and you can never know where your next favor is coming from.

Condition your mind to think right! Picture yourself succeeding and follow it with a corresponding strong faith that it is doable. Go about your business believing that you have achieved your target. Don’t entertain the lack mentality. Give your mind instructions to think positive and pronounced thoughts. You are the only one who can change and control your thoughts. Be consistent and see yourself manifest the same.

yes you can!

It is as simple as that!  Embrace these wisdom nuggets and experience a turnaround in your life! You are good to go to empowering in your mind with abundance! Practice them and you will see yourself on the top!

7 Tips For Weight Loss

Do you know why you are obese? Losing weight can be a pain in the neck especially when you do not know what to do. You can end up applying many different ways in vain. It will interest you to know that you can do it consciously and progressively.

Below are 7 tips that will help you lose weight;

Make Up Your Mind

Have a strong desire to lose weight and you will start manifesting it! Firm up your desire by saying and by writing it down and purposing to do it. Draw your goals and develop your objectives. Your objectives should be ‘smart’ – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Monitor your daily actions to ensure you are meeting the targets that you have set for yourself.

Mind What You Eat

Do you know that you can lose weight by watching what you eat? Emphasize on the healthy plate always! Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients compared to the fatty food which only adds to the many calories you take daily. Take small healthy snacks some hours before the main meal so you are not tempted to eat a lot.

Watch What You Drink

Drinking water is a good way of losing weight. Take a maximum of six glasses per day for good results. Green tea will also assist in cutting down the accumulated fats. Cut or stop your soda and or sweetened fruit juice intake which is known to hold over 100 calories and over 10 teaspoons of sugar. Watch out on your alcohol consumption, a contributor of calories and sugars in your body.

Walk To Shed Off Some Calories

You are not going to wake up to walking exercise until you plan for it. Plan to walk at a specific time of the day – either early in the morning or late the evening. Make it a routine and grow it out. Document your performance to keep you motivated and even target your expectations from this exercise. You can start by setting aside 30 minutes every day to walk and increase gradually to 60 and 90 with time.

 Join A Gym In Your Neighborhood

This will afford you a membership in your community where you will make new friends who are on the same journey as you. You will access a gym instructor who can guide you on what to do to shed off those calories. You will be encouraged by the testimonies of the so many people who have lost weight. You will also make use of gym equipment at your disposal like everyone else in the club consistently.

Shut Out Food Craving Temptations

This can be done progressively – remember your body has always been used to taking certain food. Have bits of it in small portions to satisfy the craving. It is okay to give in to the craving but not on a daily basis. Break the habit and make the required change to your weight loss. Fight to crave by ensuring you are not hungry, drink a lot of water and keep yourself busy.

Don’t Skip a Meal

There is a saying that goes like this “take breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. You are better off taking more during breakfast and before your long day! In fact, those who take breakfast well weigh less than those who skip it. Remember, breakfast is the most important daily meal. In case you do not have time in the morning, quickly consume some protein like a boiled egg.

It is as simple as that and very much double! It will only take your discipline to be actualized and you will be on your way to freedom.  Make up your mind to do it, watch what you eat, drink, walk, gym, don’t give in to food craving and don’t skip a meal.

### End

5 Benefits of Crypto Currency As A Form Of Payment

It is time to invest in Crypto Currency, a digital currency platform that controls currency generation and verifies fund transfer. Tradesk guarantees you to earn with proven and tested trading strategies. Top ways to earn in cryptocurrency are; Long-term investing, passive income from dividend payouts and arbitrage.

Tradesk is the First AI-Powered Platform for cryptocurrency. You will enjoy high accuracy trading, market dynamics and forecast models. You will also have opportunities to trade 24/7 in a wide range of highly rated digital coins. Top-Notch customer service will make you feel at home with these products.

Listed below are 5 benefits of cryptocurrency as a form of payment;

Guaranteed Profits

Cryptocurrencies are traded on a daily basis and earn a daily amount to our investors.  The daily profits, however, varies depending on different trading dates. Good track records of trades are therefore kept from previous periods. Risks are minimized by use of tested and proven strategies thereby securing your investment.

Simple to Join

You will sign up online at www.tradesk.live to start using the service. It takes only a few easy steps to register and verify your account. You will then be expected to deposit some amount on your account using the presented payment methods.  You will then wait and earn from the al-powered platform that is the highly accurate trading tool.

It Is Secure

The system is free from hacking due to its decentralized nature. The currency cannot be tampered with as it operates blockchain technology that is very safe. Amount withdrawal is not normally immediate. It takes 24 hours grace period to be processed making the system secure. During this period, the investor can decide to withdraw or reinvest the funds.

Facilitates International Trading

The currency is not controlled by any central bank of any country making it easy for international trade. Cryptocurrencies are flexible and can, therefore, be used worldwide. This saves you the hassles of giving out your credit card or account details when transacting online. Both trade parties may be holding an account with the currency agent making it so simple to transact.

It Is Cheap

The cost of transactions is very minimal or there are no charges at all compared to other forms of fund transfers. This gives people across the globe the opportunity to transfer huge sums of money at the lowest cost possible or no charge at all. This means that all your money is intact as no withdrawal is charged.

“Time Is Money”

Take bold steps today! Decide to be rich or settle for less but don’t miss out this opportunity to grow your money through profits. Sign up for this legit crypto investment approach and enjoy a 50-50 profit on trading. For a minimum investment of $100, you will get a monthly average profit of 8%-15%. This is higher than what any other banks will give you. You are assured of you 100% daily profit that is free of risks -arbitrage trading. Payouts are done on a weekly basis – on Mondays. Tradesk’s priority is to ensure you achieve your goal of Financial Freedom!


7 Essential Ways To Save Your Marriage

Today’s statistics show that many marriages are on the verge of collapse. This is due to present complexities and pressures put upon you by society. Unlike the olden days, couples are surrounded by demands that directly impact their relationships. As a result, the relationships become stressful and unbearable leading to conflicts. To pull out of this rat race, couples need to embrace a change of mindset, as it is all in the mind.

Below are the seven essential ways to save your marriage;

Focus On Achievements Rather Than the Problems

Have a clear picture of what you expect from your marriage. This means that goals of what you actually want to achieve have to be drawn. In so doing, negative energies – problems will automatically be dispelled. Positive energies, on the other hand, to heal and strengthen your marriage will be released.

Prioritize Your Relationship

You are both responsible for your marriage and are equally accountable to God. You need to guard your marriage jealously. As you maintain it in line with your first love, your behaviors will change. Any form of hostility will also disappear giving way to a good a healthy relationship.

Watch Your Ways

Examine if you are the source of the problem. Talk to your spouse only when you are in good moods. Apologize whenever you are in the wrong. Avoid creating more problems by staying away when you are in bad moods.  Always have right motives for your marriage.

Consider Your Deeds Not Only Words

Let your actions speak louder than your words and work towards saving your marriage. Losing your marriage may result into a long-term unhappiness to you and your generation. Treat others the same way you would want to be treated.

Practice Healthy Communication

You can use a timer to allow you to talk in turns as the other person listens. This exercise can be undertaken when you are alone for a few minutes. The main reason being to create an  atmosphere that would allow one to be talk while the other party is listening.

Befriend Marriage Supporters

Surround yourself with positive friends who are doing well in their marriages and who encourages you to stay together. Let them be people you can reach out to pray with during crisis moments. Stay away from negative people who will bring down your marriage.

Agree To Reconcile

You can refer to this agreement as a guide to get you back to each other on reconciliation in case of differences. The agreement should cover all presumed areas of disagreements such as finances, communication, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy.

Not Any More

Talk to each other over the phone or through text messages, have time together, complement one another and connect both physically and spiritually.

Put in place an effective and actionable plan to achieve these simple guidelines and save your marriage.